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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) are courses at the high school level that help students explore career opportunities and learn how academic subjects like math and science are used in various career fields. These classes feature skills standards in a subject matter content as well as leadership and employability training.

CTE courses are available at all high schools, but do vary by school. If your student has a strong interest in any of the following career areas. Please inquire about the availability of the related CTE courses at the school under consideration by reviewing the CTE Programs of Study brochures for each high school or calling the school's main office.

CTE Programs of Study

CTE courses are organized under 16 nationally recognized "career clusters", which include CTE programs that are available in just one or two schools. All are listed under at least one the CTE Programs of Study.

Explore the Programs of Study Courses in FWPS

Explore the Programs of Study By High School

Specialized CTE Programs

FWPS offers additional CTE programs to prepare scholars for specific careers, many of which are only offered at one high school.